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Hemp Seeds and Hemp Powder have a delicious, mild flavor that doesn't compete with other flavors, making it one of the easiest superfoods to use.


Hemp is a fantastic source of all forms of omega-3 fatty acids and one of the few abundant, naturally occurring complete protein sources in the plant world. It is also a mineral powerhouse that’s full of antioxidants and iron.


When it comes to protein, Hemp is one of the best plant-based sources in the world. It is what we call a complete protein, which contains all nine essential amino acids and is the form that is easy for the body to digest. This is a rarity in the plant-protein world.

Hemp’s impressive health properties don’t stop there. Hemp is an abundant source of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in the right ratio of 3:1 that serves to balance out the imbalance created by many modern diets. It’s a magnificent source of magnesium, a mineral that can be hard to encounter in sufficient quantities. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to up your fiber intake.

Hemp is also one of the world’s most sustainable crops with a history that dates back 12,000 years. It grows in nearly every climate and is still used all over the world today as a source of food, fiber, textile, paper and even fuel. Today’s uses span the gamut. Tibetans use Hemp Seeds in their yak buttered tea. Vegan chefs use Hemp in their gourmet creations.

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Hearty and able to withstand significant variations in temperature, Navitas Organics Hemp is grown by family famers on small farms in the fertile prairie region of central Canada. Our premium seeds are de-shelled to reveal the soft, nutritious Hemp hearts.

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Hemp has a delicious, mild flavor that does not compete with other flavors, making it one of the easiest superfoods to use.

Navitas Organics Hemp Seeds look a little like sesame seeds. Buttery and delicious, they can be enjoyed straight out of the bag or sprinkled on virtually any dish to gain a boost of green nutrition. When immersed in liquid, their texture becomes soft, making them an excellent addition to soups and stews.

Navitas Organics Hemp Powder is made from Hemp Seeds that are hulled without steam and then cold-pressed. This minimal-impact processing helps us preserve the purity and integrity of the nutrients—magnesium, iron and omega-3 fatty acids—within.

It provides a protein and fiber boost to salads and on-the-go beverages, such as smoothies. It can also be used as a nutritious flour alternative in low-temperature baking recipes, such as breads, cakes, cookies, muffins or pie crusts. It’s also delicious in hot cereals.

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