The unique tart and sweet

taste of Goldenberries

makes you want to reach

for them by the handful.

Both tart and sweet, Navitas Organics Goldenberries are loaded with antioxidants, iron, fiber and protein.


Loaded with antioxidants, iron and fiber, this tasty small berry packs a big punch of health benefits. They also contain protein, something very hard to find in a berry, which makes them a substantial snack for kids of all ages.


Goldenberries are unique in so many ways. First, the taste: it really has to be experienced to be understood fully. Both quite tart and yet with a hint of sweet at the same time, Goldenberries deliver an unexpected sensory experience that tantalizes the taste buds.

Goldenberries also have a colorful naming setup and family tree. What we call a "Goldenberry" goes by a lot of different names—Incan berry, Pichuberry, Chinese lantern, cape gooseberry, strawberry tomato, groundcherry—to name just a few. They are cousins of the tomato and part of the nightshade family.

Goldenberries have been cultivated for thousands of years, beginning in the Incan Empire. Today, they are grown in all corners of the world and are a key export to Colombia.

Product of Colombia

Navitas Organics Goldenberries are grown on small-scale family farms in lush central Colombia. Healthy soils fed by ample rainfall give life to Goldenberry bushes that grow like vines with heart-shaped leaves. The fresh fruit has an appearance similar to a yellow cherry tomato, which is delicately cradled in a paper husk resembling a Chinese lantern.

Only the finest vine-ripened berries are selected for harvest and then low-temperature dried to create a soft chewy texture that highlights the berry’s natural tartness. To keep them as pure as possible, we choose to keep them unsulfured.

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If you can stop yourself from eating all of them straight out of the bag, Navitas Organics Goldenberries are the perfect addition to get people talking when you add to trail mix, salads or yogurt.

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