4 Unexpected Uses of Maca Powder

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4 Unexpected Uses of Maca Powder

We've seen the popularity of Maca growing exponentially over the last couple years, with everyone from casual health enthusiasts to professional athletes raving about its energizing benefits. But beyond adding a scoop to smoothies, can maca powder be used in normal day-to-day cooking? The answer is an unequivocal yes! Here are some of my favorite ways to get creative with this powerful superfood.

1. Warm Drinks

Even though maca is so often used in cold smoothies, its flavor is even more desirable when served warm. Heat seems to tone down some of maca’s radish-like undertones, and help its butterscotch notes shine through. Maca tastes best in drinks that have added milk or cream, so try it mixed into hot chocolate, a café latte, or even simply warm milk (get my recipe for a maca latte here).

2. Savory Soups

Just because maca has a slight sweetness, doesn’t mean it has to be reserved solely for sweet recipes. Maca is a root, and like most vegetables, goes rather nicely with ingredients of its own kind. If you’re making soups with a lot of root vegetables like carrots, parsnips, or even tubers like sweet potatoes or yams, add in a little maca powder. (Hint: a tablespoon will usually do the trick without being overpowering. It’s best in blended soups.)

3. Baked Goods

Maca powder looks like a flour and can certainly act like one too, in small quantities! Remove 1-2 tablespoons of flour from your next batch of cookies, brownies, or bread, and replace with an equal amount of maca powder. The heat of baking won’t effect maca’s nutrition, and you’ll gain a subtle nutty-caramel flavor, too.

4. Breakfast

Between its energizing qualities and warming taste, maca is an ideal ingredient to up your breakfast game. Stir into oatmeal or warm savory porridges; mix into your favorite nutmilk; or whisk into a batch of pancakes or waffles.


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