The Energy You

Need To Make

The Most Of Every


The Energy You Need to Make the Most of Every Day

Food is energy. You want to be running on the highest quality possible each and every day.

Energy in the body is produced by an interwoven system, relying on protein, fiber, essential fatty acids and carbohydrates to collectively convert into fuel. Quick fixes like coffee work too, but the sudden crash is never far behind. Superfoods like Chia, Hemp, Maqui, Cashews, Goji Berries and Navitas Organics Essential Blends power you in the balanced way that only real, whole food can.


Protein is an essential part of nutrition, second only to water. It grows, repairs and maintains muscles, organs, hair, eyes, skin and nails. Protein also helps form key molecules like antibodies, hormones and red blood cells. While we can’t feel these amazing building blocks repairing our systems, we can feel the fullness and stability that comes from eating protein-rich foods like Cashews, Hemp Seeds and our Essential Blends.


A feeling of satiation and balanced energy also comes from eating foods packed with fiber, an essential nutrient only found in plants. By stabilizing blood sugar levels, fiber helps to prevent energy crashes associated with caffeine or sugar. Fiber’s other magical property? It eliminates the waste that is leftover after our bodies absorb the nutrients in our food, keeping our systems running smoothly.

Essential Fatty Acids

As much as we experience energy physically, our brains also feel active and attentive or distracted and sluggish. That’s why a final vital component to balanced energy is essential fatty acids, which support cognitive health. Found abundantly in Hemp and Chia, these fatty acids are not generated by our body and must be obtained from our food.

Eating whole foods and superfoods with protein, fiber and essential fatty acids—especially with breakfast—is a smart and easy way to give your body the balanced energy it needs to live each day to the fullest.

Energy-Balancing Superfoods

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Sarah, a.k.a. Miss Whisk, is not only the food-blogging mastermind behind A Whisk and Two Wands, she’s also a mom, driver, cleaning lady, scheduler, activity planner, laundry magician and head whisk-holder.

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