Insider Program

navitas ORGANICS insider program

Are you a superfoodie, a health food enthusiast, chef, avid blogger, or athlete that loves Navitas Organics and wants to share your love? Apply for our Navitas Organics Insider program! We'll provide you with discounts and rewards in exchange for helping spread the buzz about our products and your love for them. If you are approved, you will receive discounts on Navitas Organics Products. In exchange we ask for regular communication, information about you and how you are using our products and that you consider sharing that secret family superfood recipe (or two).

who can be an insider?

We are specifically looking for insiders to help spread the word and educate about the power of superfoods. We are looking for people who fit into the following categories. If you fall into one of these categories please click on the link and fill out an application.

Which superfood fueled profession do you belong to:

fitness or nutrition instructor

culinary professionals

professional or competitive athlete

social and media influencer

entertainment industry

like minded company

some faqs about our program:

1. What are the qualifications for the insider program?
Navitas Organics wants to share the superfood love. The program offers membership access to “hook-up” influencers and industry professionals. Eligibility is based on fit with the brand, comparison to other applicants and availability in the program. Begin by filling out an application above.

2. How do I log in to the insider program?
Once your application has been approved, we will be send a confirmation email, which will contain your login and password information. Log in to and upon signing in, all of your membership perks will be available to you! If you forget your password, click the “forgot your password” link and follow the steps.

3. Can I purchase superfoods for my friends and family?
Please review the specific terms of your insider agreement. Most membership statuses strictly prohibit the resale of our foods and are designed for personal use only.

4. Can you ship internationally? Can insiders live outside the US?
Navitas Organics does not ship internationally. Insiders must have a domestic billing and shipping address.

5. Can I combine my insider discounts with other Navitas Organics promotions?
Promotional codes from the Navitas Organics newsletter or elsewhere are not applicable to the insider accounts and cannot be combined with established insider discounts. However, you will occasionally receive promotional codes that can be combined with your regular discount with the insider program.

6. How do I enter a gift certificate?
Gift certificates can be entered at the very end of the checkout process on the final screen. Find the “Have a Gift Certificate?” prompt and click the link. A box will appear where you can enter your gift certificate code. After entering the code click on “apply” to the right of the box. The value of the gift certificate will be applied to the order total. You will see this reflected as “gift certificate discount” in the order subtotal.

More questions?
Contact Navitas Organics directly at They can assist you with any additional product or insider questions you may have.