Tempeh & Cranberry Superfood Panini

Tempeh & Cranberry Superfood Panini

Everyone loves a good panini, but here's a recipe that loves you back! This seared tempeh and kale sandwich is enhanced with a tasty low-glycemic superfood cranberry sauce that features Navitas Organics Superfood Beauty Boost and Chia Seeds.

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2½ cups frozen or fresh Cranberries, divided

1/3 cup Navitas Organics Coconut Palm Sugar

1 cup Water

2 Tbsp Navitas Organics Chia Seeds

2 scoops Navitas Organics Superfood Beauty Boost

4 Tbsp Coconut Oil, divided

1 package Tempeh, cut into 1/4-inch slices

Sea Salt and Ground Black Pepper

1 Tbsp Tamari Sauce

Cooking Spray

8 slices Bread

2 Kale Leaves, stems removed


In a small saucepan, combine 2 cups of cranberries with the Coconut Palm Sugar and water. Bring to a boil and simmer on low heat for 8-10 minutes or until cranberries burst. Stir in the remaining ½ cup of cranberries as well as the Chia Seeds, remove from heat and let cool for 10 minutes at room temperature. Stir in the Beauty Boost until well combined.
In a sauté pan, warm 2 tablespoons of the coconut oil over medium-low heat. Add the tempeh slices and season the tops generously with salt and pepper. Sauté until golden brown, about 2 minutes, then flip the tempeh over to sear the other side for a couple minutes. Transfer the tempeh to a plate and brush the slices with tamari.
Preheat a panini press. To assemble the sandwiches, spray one side of the eight slices of bread with cooking spray. Flip the bread over and divide the remaining 2 tablespoons of coconut oil on the other side of the slices, spreading out thinly. Spread cranberry sauce on top of the oil. Layer four of the slices with the tempeh strips, line with kale and top with a cranberry-slathered slice (cranberry side down) to form four sandwiches. Cook the sandwiches in the panini press until golden brown. Slice in half and serve immediately.
Makes 4 sandwiches

Submitted by Julie Morris

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